• Ethan Loves Baths!

    Well sort of... after a brief screaming session
  • On August 6, 2016

    Ethan Turned 20 Months!
  • Ethan's Next Trip

    Is to a Jamaican beach!
  • Ethan's Latest Milestone

    He is now feeding himself!
  • Ethan Loves Us!

    and we love him so much more!

Yes This Blog is Still Active

20 Months and 2.5 weeks have passed since Ethan came into this world, and while my desire and intent is to document his journey in this blog, the biggest message you should read from my lack of updates is that time is slipping away, ever so quickly.  There are not enough hours in the day to do what I want to do, including this blog.  Not saying that I am shutting it down.  What I am saying is that I cannot currently commit to a publishing schedule.  I’m sure that will change in the future, but that is where we are now in life.  Lots of things we want to do, with very little time.  So for this small update, I thought I’d let you know where my (Daddy’s) time is going, followed by how Ethan is doing now, and wrapping up with where I want this blog to go.

Maybe one day Ethan will see this huge gap in blog posts and it can stand as a testament to him being a handful, LOL.

Where Daddy’s Time is Going

I believe my last post centered around gearing up for a trip to China, and maybe even our method of achieving such an expensive trip. Well travel hacking is one of the activities I am still involved in.  It takes a little bit of time to not only churn points and bonuses, but also to plan trips and figure out how to accommodate a baby.  After coming back from a very successful trip to China, I’ve been delving into educating myself on Real Estate investing, all apart of the goal to becoming financially free enough to show my family the world.  I got sucked into Game of Thrones (my fave!), Orange is the New Black, Big Brother, American Ninja Warrior, and the Olympics on TV.  I’m also an avid video gamer and love to squeeze some of that into my little free time.

Apart from the fun things, I am growing my video production business, planning events for my church, practicing photography, volunteering and church, and the scope of my day job has increased significantly.  My beautiful wife always has dinner prepared when I get home from work, so my work day basically goes Wake Up – Go To Work – Come Home – Eat Dinner – Get Ethan Ready for Bed – Go To Sleep – Repeat.  All of the other things I do that I just listed happen in the hour or two I can squeeze in on the work day, with the rest on the weekend.  Therefore, I am sorry to have neglected this blog, but I am intent to not let it die. The lack of updates is not because of a lack of want.

What I Would Have Been Writing About


Ethan of Course!!  Our little munchkin man is now 20 months old!!  Since my last update he has crossed the Pacific Ocean twice, and we are getting ready for another trip out of country in a couple of weeks.  He is walking, talking, climbing, eating by himself, and pretending to be a grown-up. I intended to do a trip report to document how great he was on the planes, in the taxies, and in his baby carrier as we walked miles around the great cities of China.  Pro Tip: don’t ever take a stroller to a country blanketed with stairs. Since then he has learned the word “Monday.”  2nd Pro Tip: when teaching your child the days of the week don’t start with your least favorite day. He/she will get stuck on it.  “Monday” is his response to just about every question.  “how was your day?” “monday.”  “Did you enjoy your oatmeal?” “monday.”  “Ethan you haven’t pooped yet.” “Monday.”  “You’re not pooping till Monday?”  “Monday.”

Ethan is doing better without us.  He doesn’t cry when we leave him anymore, making date nights more common.  Speaking of which, Mommy and me celebrate our anniversaries this week!!  Yesterday he even got into the big boy tub for the first time.  He didn’t really like it, but I know he will get used to it.  Other things he doesn’t like include haircuts and diaper rashes.  He sure does love to hurt himself though. He’ll dive off of beds and run into walls and then scream his head off.  I tell him that he has to be careful, but once he calms down he just looks at me and says “Monday.”  He enjoys car rides and his grandparents, as well as throwing things and smacking his parents.  Ethan has a love/hate relationship with water.  He loves to drink it, but swimming is a no no.  Talk about loud public screaming!

I don’t think I’ve missed any major milestones since the last update.  He went to the doctor in June, and continues to grow like a weed!

The Future

I will do my best to keep this blog on track. My motivations outlined in my first post are still true.  I want something to look back on and reflect when my memory is completely gone, especially since my wife thinks we will live well into our 100s.  However, this blog may evolve from only focusing on Ethan to our lives in general.  I read travel blogs, personal finance blogs, photography blogs, and real estate blogs, on top of parenting blogs.  These are all subjects that I have an interest in and would like to write about.  But one thing is for sure, no matter what I may write about some day, building a strong and tight-knit family will always be the common core of all of these things, and the over arching theme of this blog.  Every hobby/business that I delve into puts my family first.  If I do have a large audience some day, that is the message I want to convey.  Pursue your goals and passions, but don’t forget about what matters most.  For me, that is family. They are the reason my goals exist.  There is no point in not working, having money, and traveling the world if you don’t have people to share it with it.