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Wake Me Up When September Ends

Day 300

Yes, I know.  Life got in the way and I was unable to post anything in September.  I’ve got to tell you, I knew going into New Year’s day that 2015 was going to be a challenging year, but I thought I was out of the woods in May when graduate school came to a close.  September brought me back to January in terms of difficulty, and no, it didn’t have anything to do with Ethan.  Life beat us down, and beat us down good, despite celebrating 5 beautiful years of marriage at the end of August.

Disclaimer: This post will make very little mention of Ethan or the journey of our new found parenthood.  I must take a departure from this blog’s theme in order to vent, because I’ve been banned from doing so publicly.

Becoming a parent is expensive, as I’ve discussed here.  Parenthood, combined with everything else life throws at us, required two incomes, and we are actively working on passive streams of income as well.

September took away one third of our income because Mommy was forced to resign from her job at a local non-profit.  This is a company run by a moron who has no clue whatsoever how to run a business.  This company has the word “Christian” in its name, but it is anything but.  The leaders proclaim how much they care for people, they exalt the name of God, and the president herself sings Christian music at several local churches.  They are all fake.  My lovely wife Diana became the latest casualty in a string of firings, hour reductions, and resignations implemented by this company, and I have no doubt she will be the last.

She was hired on 3.5 years ago to do a job for a salary.  Honest work for honest pay, except there wasn’t much honest work at all.  The person supposed to train her quit weeks later and she was forced to learn everything herself.  Not only did she successfully learn everything, but she was required to perform many other responsibilities that constantly exceeded 40 hours a week and took away her weekends, all for measly little non-profit salary that she was overqualified for in the first place.

Fast forward to last December when labor and delivery came along, and they gave her grief about taking a whole 12 weeks for maternity leave.  After returning, they refuse to give her the time to pump, which I think is a violation of the law.  They also added more responsibility, making her the permanent relief person for the receptionist whenever she was out, or for the lunch hour.

I’m fully aware that every working American has complaints about their job, since this is the hardest working country in the world.  I was once told that it is that way because Americans value their work more than their personal lives, so we work ourselves to death.  How many people have seen that commercial proclaiming the millions of paid vacation days that go unused each year?  *raises hand*

Fast forward again to September, and Diana is told that her job is changing, radically.  Imagine that you are a fireman, putting out fires everyday for a living, and one day you walk into the station and are told, “ok, your job is changing.  We need you to perform heart transplants now.”  This is basically what happened to Mommy.  “You are getting an entirely new job, we are tripling your workload with duties that you have no idea how to do, and you need to do these new tasks in addition to the old ones and subbing for the receptionist.  We’ll give you one week to master this or get fired.”

That’s some hardcore Christianity right there folks.  They had already interviewed her replacement way before telling her all of this, and had a closed door meeting where they discussed everybody they wanted to get rid of.  Unable to afford unemployment, they decided to stress people out until they voluntarily quit.  None of this is speculation by the way, but validated facts.  So we decided she should resign to escape those stresses.  It simply wasn’t worth my wife’s happiness to have her continue working in a place she didn’t like.  Like I said, she wasn’t the first to leave this year, and somebody new put in their two weeks notice on her last day of work.

I have no doubt that God was leading us out of a horrible situation.  As soon as September ended (yesterday), beautiful Mommy got another job that will enable her to work from home for pretty much the same pay.  All is good now.  No more stresses, Ethan gets his mommy every day, and we no longer have to pay for childcare.  God rescued my wife from so pretty evil people who are 100% fake.  Who knows what path they are leading themselves down??